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March 8, 2019
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May 30, 2019
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Tuesday Blues Knockout Series

Tuesday Blues Knockout Series, starting next month, the 2nd Tuesday of every month will be a 3 strike knockout tournament!

$1 Entry Fee (for IFPA costs)
7:30PM start time
IFPA Recognized
3 Strike Knockout
Bottom 2 in a group of 4 receive a strike
Bottom 1 in a group of 3 receive a strike

Tournament Rules:
$1 Entry Fee

It is a THREE strikes knock-out style tournament played in groups of 3 and 4.

Bottom 2 will receive a strike in groups of 4. Bottom 1 will receive a strike in groups of 3.

Machines will be assigned randomly. 1st round grouping will be based off of IFPA seeding; swiss tiered after that (like strikes play like strikes). Prizes will be given to top 3 when available.

Order: Groups will be published to Matchplay, please follow the order listed there as your player order, top name will go first and so on.

Extra Balls: Extra balls are not allowed to be played, a player is allowed to set up their skill shot and plunge the ball. They are not allowed to touch the flippers or nudge the machine in any way.

Ball Save: Ball saves have not been turned off on some of the machines, if your machine ball saves you are allowed to continue playing the ball. Ball saves happen automatically, do not confuse an extra ball with a ball save.

Manners: Please be mindful of everyone in the tournament — give them space while the person is playing their turn. When your turn begins, ensure that you give enough time for any ball saves or extra balls to come up so the player before you can handle them accordingly. Once you’re finished with your turn, stand and wait for any ball saves or extra balls before walking away from the machine. No cussing, aggressive behavior or intentional slam tilting is permitted. If you have an issue, please come and find the tournament organizer.

Machine malfunctions: If a machine malfunctions during a turn, have the person playing stand by the machine and wait while another from the group informs the tournament organizer who will either assess the situation and see if the issue can easily be fixed or determine a ruling.

March 12 @ 19:00
7:00 pm — 11:00 pm (4h)