Silverball Seasonal Tourney
October 18, 2018
Closed – Thanksgiving.
November 21, 2018
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Sunday Funday Halloween Potluck Edition

Come out and enjoy my favorite Holiday with me during our Sunday Funday tournament!

THIS IS A POTLUCK TOURNEY! I know we haven’t had one in a while, let’s make some delicious food and dress up and come together and enjoy a Sunday with each other.

I’ll have prizes for the best dressed!

$10 ENTRY FEE. This goes towards cash prizes and medals, save for the $1 IFPA fee per person.


12PM-12:45: Doors open, practice time
12:45PM – approx 1PM: Rules and other announcements as well as final registrations
Approx 1PM – 1:15PM: Tournament Begins
Approx 4:30PM – Qualifying ends, 30 minute break after last game/tiebreaker before playoffs
30 Minutes after Qualifying/Tiebreakers – Playoffs begin

*8 rounds of group matchplay with IFPA scoring (7/5/3/1). Groups of 4 will be attempted. If in a group of 3 the IFPA scoring will be adjusted for 3-player groups (7/4/1).
*IFPA Seeding for 1st round with adjacent style pairing (meaning seeds will be playing their adjacent seed, seed #1 will be playing seed #2, etc.)
*Balanced pairing afterward which means the software will make an attempt to pair unfaced players together.
*There will be a half hour break after qualifiers/tiebreakers have concluded.

Depending on entrants, top 8 or top 16 will advance.

Players will compete in a single elimination best 3 out of 5 head to head bracket for the finals.

*Players will be seeded for playoffs according to their qualifying standings and will be paired using traditional bracket seeding (highest seed will be paired with lowest seed) will be used for qualifiers, will be used for finals.

The ability for players to submit scores will be turned on for matchplay, all scores will be reviewed by the TD and will be verified before publishing.

October 28 @ 13:00
1:00 pm — 2:00 pm (1h)